Ksix Door And Window Sensor For Home...
Ksix Door And Window Sensor For Home...

Ksix Door And Window Sensor For Home Automation Kit

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Ksix Door And Window Sensor For Home Automation Kit


The door and window allows to keep track of anytime the door or window open and closes. To connect the door and window sensor to a smartphone it requires the control hub. Sends notifications to a smartphone when the door or window opens or closes The door and window sensor consists of a main sensor and the magnet. After placing them on a door or window, they send notifications to a smartphone every time it opens and closes. Zigbee technology The control hub works with Zigbee, a wireless communication technology specially designed for IoT (Internet of Things). It presents many advantages in comparison with other wireless network technologies. Some of them are: Reduced energy consumption More stability Faster communication Provides secure connection among devices Smart scenes and automations The control hub allows to create smart scenes to determine the behavior of the sensors and devices connected to it, according to different conditions such as temperature, motion detection, time and more. The sensors must be connected to the control hub, and the control hub must be connected to the smartphone with the Smart Life or Tuya Smart free apps. Customizable The control hub is the starting point. It’s possible to connect up to 50 sensors (door and window sensor, temperature and humidity sensor, motion sensor, etc.) to it. There are infinite expansion and automation possibilities. Ksix is a brand from Atlantis Internacional. It has the largest collection of accessories designed to make the most of mobile devices. Each product is presented in a modern and attractive packaging, which stands out on any shelf. It offers personalized customer service and complete after-sales service. Main features Door and window sensor with Zigbee technology for home automation kit Consists of a main sensor and the magnet Sends automatic notifications to a smartphone Very easily expandable home automation kit by adding up to 50 sensors to the control hub Technical information Battery: CR2032 Operating temperature: -20°C — 60°C Operating humidity: =95% RH (no condensation) Wireless connection: Zigbee


Battery: CR2032 (included)
Android and iOS devices
Working conditions
Operating temperature: -20°C - 60°C.Operating humidity: =95% RH (no condensation)




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