Ksix tutorials and guides

Discover the key guides and tutorials to unlock the true potential of our products. Our key resources will guide you through every attribute and function, ensuring complete mastery. Whether you're a beginner looking for how to set up your smartwatch or an expert looking for advanced tips and tricks, our tools are designed to help you get the most out of your Ksix products.

Is my smartwatch water-resistant?

A must-read guide to understand IP protection ratings

How do I sync my Ksix Urban 4?

Step-by-step to pair your smartwatch with its own app

What is Power Delivery (PD) charging?

Up to 70% faster charging than conventional chargers

How can I set up my Ksix Core?

Step-by-step guide on how to sync your smartwatch with your phone

How do I set up my Ksix Compass?

Detailed instructions on how to pair your smartwatch with your phone

What is PPS charging?

Faster, more efficient and controlled charging

How do I sync the Ksix Urban Plus with its app?

Instructions on pairing your watch with your smartphone

What kind of charger are you looking for?

Check out the different power ratings and charging options

Is my phone compatible with Qi charging?

A list with the compatible models of this type of charging

How do I set up my Contact iStyle?

Tips for fine-tuning your new smartwatch

Why opt for GaN charging?

High-performance charging in the most efficient way

What steps do I follow to pair the Ksix Oslo?

Step-by-step to sync your watch with your phone

Pair your Ksix Urban 4 mini with your phone

Follow the instructions in the video and get the most out of your watch

What are the steps to synchronise Ksix MyTag?

Indications for pairing your tracker with your iPhone

How to configure the Ksix Olympo

Practical guide o setting up your new smartwatch

How to connect Ksix Titanium to my phone?

Video tutorial on how to set up your new smartwatch

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